My Song


My life has told me that I have a reason 
To be and do what I need. 
My heart has broke into a million pieces 
but still wont bleed. 
I’ve looked around for my wished for 
and there in front of me 
Was life extended out in your wisdom 
holding the shattered piece. 
All of that time that was wasted on pain 
is not lost completely. 
Its brought me to a place where i know. 
i love unconditionally. 
Imagine the world without sacrifices, 
what would that mean for you? 
Lonely and a soul without a voice 
to sing away the blues. 
So hear my voices as I sing my song 
know that im here. 
Watching, waiting, anticipating 
wiping away your tear. 
My shoulder you cry on, i weep with you still 
and i feel the darkness you feel. 
But the shadows that casted onto your impulse 
is all that makes you real. 
So hear this again, this to you is my song 
and I will wait for that day 
When you need me as i have needed you 
the years havent chased me away.

~Tricia Leigh 9/21/09


About jgsgal

I am a wife, a mother, and a thinker. I love good debates, and will write about whatever comes to mind. I love poetry, and writing in general, but my lifetime passion is dancing. My real art, that I have learned over the years, is cooking. I am not a fit dancer, nor would I dance on stage anymore, but I love to dance to release. Writing helps me with that also. Cooking is a form of expression that helps with my creativity and I hope you enjoy my blog. Feel free to comment and strike up good conversation! Thanks for visiting!
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