Love in This Lifetime

I wrote this when my husband and I first met. He was hesitant to love as it had been so long since he had been betrayed. 6 years alone, he didn’t want to invest to only get hurt again. We are now married, and have been since December 14 of last year.  My life, my rock, my everything.

My life isnt textbook, and neither is yours,
but one thing we have in common, is all the closed doors.
They’ve been closed by others, or by our own fears,
Leaving us empty, and afraid of shedding tears.
We build our walls, and keep them up, till we figure things out,
meanwhile we miss the bus because of all the doubt.
There is something out there for all of us, but only one rings true,
if you dont open that door, and let them in, you’ll be forever blue.
Why do we shutter, and drive it away, or put another brick in the wall,
when all we need is for that one, to come an break the fall?
I dont understand what we fear, when someone captures our heart,
but I do understand not going too fast, to watch it just fall apart.
When someone says “Ill just mess things up”, I often think of why,
and what is it that they could do to not even want to try.
What is it that keeps them at bay, and keeps them from me?
What keeps them away from possibly loving eternally.
I dont want to miss it, but I dont want a pantomime,
I want a love that will love me, in this lifetime.
Dont be so afraid, dont worry about a month from now,
just enjoy this feeling, cuz I know you know how.
Im not saying a good night is love, but you know this something’s rare
Just dont push away, the one that can take you there…

~Tricia Leigh 3/18/2010


About jgsgal

I am a wife, a mother, and a thinker. I love good debates, and will write about whatever comes to mind. I love poetry, and writing in general, but my lifetime passion is dancing. My real art, that I have learned over the years, is cooking. I am not a fit dancer, nor would I dance on stage anymore, but I love to dance to release. Writing helps me with that also. Cooking is a form of expression that helps with my creativity and I hope you enjoy my blog. Feel free to comment and strike up good conversation! Thanks for visiting!
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One Response to Love in This Lifetime

  1. So you right … But sometime is so thought for me to let away frightened …. And sometimes it’s hard to understand a man, they feeling sometimes not shown, not like a woman whom always need a real evidence that their heart and love is for us. But just like you said don’t worry about the month from now …. So for me now is let the time who speaks (this is my email : – I still not write an email to you lol … but i will, thanks)

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