The Beast


Stolen innocence, three years erased

Start fresh, blank slate, but still out of place

The cry out loud, unheard by the one

Not realizing the truth, until age 31

Invaded by fear, family isn’t the same

Left to feel nothing but heartache and shame

11 years past, her hero unsung

The knee of the knight, the hand it’s become

Bewitched by anger, her demons unfold

The one uninvited, but still had a hold

The shadows casted by her poisoned palm

4 years later the waters turn calm

Captured by what was supposed to protect

Spirits are dampened by years of neglect

The damage done, the pain still resides

Sabotaging life, still trying to hide

The road less traveled, now has a toll

Paying for life because of his role

A dream then unfolds the nightmare in me

I, then, was called to my destiny

All my emotions felt in the past

Nothing but visions, fade away fast

After all love is lost, bottom’s hit hard

Ready to finally let down my guard

My cure-all appears, rescues my soul

Where I was empty, I now feel whole

Struggles less painful, minimal fears

Love settled chaos from all of those years

History remains, captured in mind

But regret is now something so hard to find

Nothing forgotten, forgiven for some

Released from the evil, some damage undone

Able to laugh, love at the least

Conquering all that made up The Beast

36 years remembered again

The beginning is now what I thought was the end.

~Tricia Leigh 5/11/2012


About jgsgal

I am a wife, a mother, and a thinker. I love good debates, and will write about whatever comes to mind. I love poetry, and writing in general, but my lifetime passion is dancing. My real art, that I have learned over the years, is cooking. I am not a fit dancer, nor would I dance on stage anymore, but I love to dance to release. Writing helps me with that also. Cooking is a form of expression that helps with my creativity and I hope you enjoy my blog. Feel free to comment and strike up good conversation! Thanks for visiting!
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2 Responses to The Beast

  1. Victoria Oldham says:

    Painful but healing. Lovely.

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